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What was the best gift you’ve ever received? Who was it from and what was the occasion?

The Best gift I ever received? Although I did not realize it then......

From who?? Although not religious, I must say God.
The Occasion? My 18th birthday.

Just before my 18th birthday my mother was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, with no more than 2 months to live. She was scheduled for an immediate quadruple bypass surgery on the day of my  birthday. January 19th. It was then postponed until Jan 21st. Needless to say, she survived, and is still alive to this day. I celebrate this occasion every year. After all at 18 being left without a parent and facing the very real fact you might have to raise your two younger siblings, or be separated from them is a scary thing.

In the end. I was given my mother's life. I am truly blessed. It tops all and every gift any one could give.
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27 May 2011 @ 07:15 am

I have now made this journal Friends Only....
To keep people from reading my stuff, when I do not want them to.
An apology to my Fiance, I know you like reading this stuff, but if you wanna, you should go ahead and join. ;)
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18 April 2011 @ 12:33 am
I am so nervous now.

USCIS received my petition and everything on April 4th 2011, and it is now in its initial review.... I am being told I am probably not going to hear anything regarding my petition before September 14th 2011. Five months. In which Friti and I am suppose to be gathering this that and the other thing for his  Interview at the Consulate in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

we have not started to gather anything. But Friti emailed the Lawyer, and is waiting to receive a response regarding his Birth Certificate. <Long Story> Anyway, as soon as he receives a reply, we are going to have to get our asses in gear and get everything together.....Just because the estimated time is 5 months. it does not mean, it will not go through faster.

We are expecting to have to pay more money into this. -SIGH- For certified translations of other documents. Which will have to be sent to my address and I will have to turn around and send it to Friti. Which means another trip to the post office(YAY!) and whatever red tape I got to go through to ship shit over seas...

Now I am so so nervous... At anytime they can deny us... And then not only 2k + goes down the drain... Then I don't have my man, and we are left back at square one again. Now, they don't have any reason to reject my petition and deny him his visa. And as far as I am concerned... Homeland Security will have no reason to turn him away at the border again...  We have done everything correct. That is why I hired the lawyer, so there will be NO mistakes. But still I have never been so nervous. I was not even this nervous when I was preparing and leaving for the Netherlands Last year!

I can not wait until he get here. So many plans....So many things I dream about. Fantasize about, even.
I mean, My marriage to him will be nothing special, because we have used all our money on getting him here. then We are planning on moving to Michigan... Which will probably have to wait until tax returns 2012.

I just hope we will have him here before October 7th this year. That would be our two year anniversary since we became a couple. And I would like to spend that day WITH him this year, unlike last... I would also love that to be our wedding anniversary.

I can not wait... I really can not. 
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02 April 2011 @ 04:25 am
 1 - Go buy a turkey
2 - Take a drink of whisky
3 - Put turkey in the oven
4 - Take another 2 drinks of whisky
5 - Set the degree at 375 ovens
6 - Take 3 more whiskys of drink
7 - Turk the bastey
8 - Whisky another bottle of get
9 - Ponder the meat thermometer
10 - Glass yourself a pour of whisky
11 - Bake the whisky for 4 hours
12 - Take the oven out of the turkey
13 - Floor the turkey up off of the pick
14 - Turk the carvey
15 - Get yourself another scottle of botch
16 - Tet the sable and pour yourself a glass of turkey
17 - Bless the dinner and pass out

>>>Had to Share and Fiance asked me to keep it safe for him. :D No better place to keep it except in a blog post.<<<
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26 March 2011 @ 04:45 am
Immigration Tip: Prepare to pay the soul of your firstborn even if it is not even conceived yet.

Okay so here is an update:

Friti and I finally collected sent out everything the Lawyers asked for it arrived a week ago there.
They reviewed what we sent, filled out the forms and sent them to us.
We signed, and sent back the forms. Friti got to send his via email while I had to send mine back via snail mail.

So when they receive my forms, I am guessing they are going to send it to Homeland Security. Where we gotta wait for them to approve and forward the forms and stuff to the Consulate in the Netherlands.

Costs so far:

295$-Lawyer retainer fee
300$-Lawyer January Payment
300$-Lawyer February Payment
300$-Lawyer March Payment
340$-Homeland Security Filing Fee
160$-Document Translation Fee
15$-New ink cartridge for Printer -.- (had to print out A LOT)

Total cost thus far: A whopping 1,710$

Whats left to pay:

300$-Lawyer April Payment
300$-Lawyer May Payment
55$- 2nd copy of Translated files
Unknown actual Visa payment
Travel fees

So we are probably gonna be paying another I dunno... 1.5k-2k into this.


In the end, it will be worth it..... but at this point in time, I have no idea how we are going to do it. :(

And there is no guarantee that we will get the visa...... It still can be declined.... :(

But I am so looking forward to seeing Friti sometime in September. Maybe October. :D
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28 January 2011 @ 06:59 pm
The Funniest thing just happened.

I was sitting eating a bowl of ice cream. And my 5 year old- food oriented gray tabby named Yoko was laying in front of me begging as I ate.
As I handed of my my bowl to my brother for him to take it away, Yoko watched and his eyes grew into dinner plates(no joke). He watched as my brother disappeared out of the room. His expression quickly went to "OMG NOOOOOOO!".
He then looked at me...and quickly looked between both my hands a few times like "You still got something?" His expression still the "OMG NOOOOOOO!". Second later, after realizing I did not have anything he ran after my brother.
I almost died laughing it was so funny!
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21 January 2011 @ 11:28 am
I spent the last....God knows how long, constructing a new layout based on a picture that reminds me of Friti and myself. After all he *IS* my Angel. ^_^

I spent several hours just making the Background image. Then another hour or two getting the rest to fit and match with the background.  Then spent several hours making, uploading, and switching 10-11 of the posts' icons. It was a pain! And my Default one is a picture of the REAL Hotaru! *GASP*

In the end I am proud of myself.

What do you think?

Much Love,

PS: I am going to do another post about some wedding thoughts. 
EDIT: No, no second posts....Pissed off now.
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17 January 2011 @ 06:35 pm
So. I have experienced my first hospital stay and first surgery.

What? Yeah. Saturday morning at 5 am I woke up with such terrible stomach pain. I promptly went to th ER Where upon blood tests, urine tests, Ultrasound and CT-Scan. I was diagnosed with a swollen appendix. I was promptly scheduled for surgery.

Needless to say I am without an appendix now.
SO MUCH PAIN! I am on Oxycodone. A wonderful narcotic that knocks me for a loop! LOL

My birthday is on the 19th... and I am pretty much condemned to bed :(

But yeah. I have no more appendix.


Well. thought I would let you know. That and I am also fighting Post-op pneumonia.... I dun haveit... just fighting getting it. No fun. 

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06 January 2011 @ 06:37 am

My relationship with Friti is the most amazingly wonderful thing. I have never been happier with any one else. Nor have I ever felt so loved and cherished in my life by a lover/partner/ etc.

And it all started in November 2008, When I met Friti on Second Life. On Second Life, we both began working at a club in world. We quickly developed a rather trusting bond.

Friti told me things, I told him things. Things that I normally would never trust any one with. I felt like I could tell him anything, and he would not tell any one or judge me. Needless to say, I developed feelings for him early on... Fell in-love. I often fantasized about how he was "the one" for me. Alas, Friti was married at the time. So my feelings remained something I would not speak, nor admit to.

Our bond quickly grew. We spent nearly all day and everyday together. Spoke of intimate things. Spent days doing more couple like things than we cared to admit then. Friti was the only one I felt I could just trust blindly. My feelings grew stronger and stronger every passing day. He too was showing signs, that i don't think he realized at all, that he was falling in love with me. And who am I to tell a married man that he's falling in love with me?

Everything was "Friti this" or Friti that" with me. With whomever I was with. Our friends could see it... That Friti and I would end up a couple.  I had felt it earlier, but ruled it ridiculous, seeing as he was married.

In September 2009 we began a relationship, that we would not call anything other than a closer friendship... As I allowed Friti to sort out his feelings. I knew he "thought" he was in love with me. But he would say he didn't know if it was in love or in lust. I gave him time to figure it out.

In October 2009 we officially became a couple.

Now before you go and think "OMG, She stole someones husband!"
I will tell you this: NO, I did not. A good marriage can not be broken up.

Friti and his ex-wife were NOT happy together. It was pretty obvious now that I look back at it. But I didn't see it then, Until Friti told me. He was not happy with her. And she not happy with him.  They tried marriage counseling, but it did no good. And they agreed together to Divorce.

They began the divorce process, and she moved out. She was very angry with me at first. Who could blame her? But I will have you know. Friti, his ex-wife, and I remain to be friends. She is now extremely happy and involved with a new man. She has told me she feels like a teenager again. And it is easy to see... The divorce(which was final in April 2010) was good for them both.

Which is another thing. In March 2010 I went to the Netherlands. And spent the happiest 3 months of my life. i met his ex-wife face to face. Who always greeted me with a big hug! but any way...
To my disbelief Friti continued to wear his wedding ring until the Divorce was final. I was very unhappy about it. And loath that ring. It was a constant reminder that he was not completely mine yet. But, as soon as he was notified that the divorce was final, he removed the ring.
In fact. I had passed out on the couch, and he took the ring off and left it next to me, where I could see it as soon as i woke up. I was over joyed! Can you blame me?

Anyway, it became apparent that I would have to return to the States. I practically begged Friti to come back to the States with me, and we could get married... This is when we officially became engaged, but believe it or not, we did not realize this until recently. LOL

Well, we did not do our research properly, and because of this, once Stateside, Friti was sent back. Though we didn't get told this until much later. We were advised to do as we are doing now.

These leads me to now.....

Though we are experiencing hard feelings toward Homeland Security and nervousness of failure. We have begun the process of getting him here to the US.

We are looking to the end of the summer this year when we will finally be able to be together again.

In the mean time. I am very happy with Friti. I love him so so so so much. We do have minor problems sometimes... Usually due to miss-communication. But we never fight! We talk and we sort things out... We make apologies, when apologies are needed. And 5 minutes later... It's like nothing ever happened. Our only real issues are of the sexual manner, but that is a story for another time.

I must say. Friti is the man of my dreams. And I am looking forward to the rest of my life with him. Be it here, the Netherlands, Japan, the UK. Wherever! As long as we are together.

Now that I have reflected back on my relationship with Friti, I will end this post.

((To Friti, who I know will sneak a peek: Love you muchly.)

With love,
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02 January 2011 @ 07:37 pm
So On a website Friti and I are on he is in a Dutch group, and I am not, but I wanted to answer the post. So i wrote my reply and Friti translated, and posted it... Making sure to clarify that I am the one responding. 

Being in a vid chat on skype, He pasted to me what he wrote before my response in Dutch. And Was working on translating what he wrote to English, when i announced aloud that I wanted to give it a shot before seeing what it actually was and this is what was written in chat:

[7:20:53 PM] Fritigern Gothly: Hier is een reactie van mijn vriendin, ze is Amerikaanse, dus heb ik het voor ieders gemak vertaald (is een hobby van me ;))

HotaruSuzuki zegt:

[7:24:46 PM] Hotaru Suzuki: "here is the response from my girlfriend, she is american, >Not too sure on the wording, but something about you translating it< (it's a hobby of mine ;) )

HotaruSuzuki Says>or something like that<:

[7:25:08 PM] Fritigern Gothly: Here is a response from my girlfriend. She is an American, so for everyone's convenience, i've translated it. (it's a hobby of mine :))

HotaruSuzuki says:

I freaking nailed it! i am so proud of me. So is Friti!!!
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